I was born and raised in the country and I have always helped my parents on their farm. Horses have always been present on our farm and even before my parents settled in Spytkowo, my father had worked among others as a carter and my uncle served in cavalry, so one can say that I come from a family with a long house-loving tradition. In 1991 I did a training for farmers and I took over my parents’ farm. In June 2009 I graduated from the Center of Education Zdroje in Szczecin (specialization: horse breeding) and I passed the vocational qualifying examination.

For a few years I worked as a volunteer at summer camps for children and teenagers where I was a chaperon and later I also worked as a manager of such camps. I organized and ran two cycling expedition (a 12-day expedition in June, 1998 and then 7-day expedition in May, 2001). In June 2002 I participated in a training for managers of educational institutions and school trips.

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