Guesthouse "JEGLINIEC"

Our guesthouse "JEGLINIEC" is being established on a farm situated in Spytkowo, 5 kilometers from Giżycko. The picturesque Masurian landscape, field and forest paths as well as numerous lakes on the one hand and the location by the main national road 63 Giżycko – Węgorzewo on the other hand, create perfect conditions for horse riding, cycling and wandering.

"JEGLINIEC" is the name of an old estate situated on the edge of Spytkowo. There used to be a park with fir trees, spruces, larches and many other kinds of trees. Unfortunately, they were cut down but new trees have been growing here for a few years now and new ones are gradually planted. Thus the name "JEGLINIEC" is winning back its original meaning. The estate still requires a lot of labour and effort to regain its primary brilliance but even today it is a perfect and unique place where you can spend your spare time, especially with your favourites. Today, our guesthouse provides enough place for 3 horses. I offer big horse stalls in a new stable, opportunity to organize bonfires, barbeques, one-day or a few days’ rallies or races (cycling expeditions, horseback tours, hikes) and a camping site.

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